How to strengthen shoulders without weights at home? Those who want to dramatically strengthen their shoulders don’t need to lift weights or pay for a gym membership. Having strong and defined shoulders will boost your looks and confidence while making it easier to lift heavy objects without the risk of injuring your back. Below are some tried and true tips that will show you how to strengthen shoulders without weights at home.

In order for these techniques to be effective, you must establish a weekly exercise routine and stick to it. The best approach is the myo-rep philosophy, which states that you should combine heavy resistance with a small number of repetitions and ten to twenty second brakes between them.

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Prep Your Shoulders by Stretching Them

how to strengthen shoulders without weights at home

Before you start your workout, it is essential to stretch your shoulders thoroughly.  Do this for about ten to twenty seconds. Hold the stretch until you feel a mild tingling or burning sensation. Inhale slowly at the same time to concentrate your breathing, as this will help you maintain your flow. Stretching regularly will increase the flexibility of your shoulders while strengthening them.


Calisthenic Exercises

Calisthenic exercises come in many varieties, but the best for your shoulders is good old-fashioned pushups. Also known as press-ups, this exercise will strengthen both your shoulders, arms, chest and upper body. To perform a basic pushup, get down on the floor facing downward and keep your legs close together and extended behind you while keeping your arms about a shoulder-length away from your body. Now lower yourself to the floor until your nose almost touches it then lift back up. Keep doing it until you start to feel a little tired, then pause, take a brief break of about thirty seconds, and start again.

To make the pushups more challenging, instead of resting your legs and feet on the floor, place your feet on a chair while the rest of your body remains tilted downward toward the floor. Now lift your upper body off the floor and repeat. This variation, which is referred to as the decline pushup, places additional weight on the shoulder muscles because the arms are being held away from your shoulder rather than in an angle. If you haven’t done pushups in a while, your muscles will be sore the following day, but your body will eventually become used to it if you continue this exercise regularly.



Another exercise that is perfect for enhancing your shoulders is handstands. However, this technique requires a great deal of balance, so you’ll have to practice to get it right. The easiest way to perform it for beginners is to take a chair or raised platform and then gently lower yourself to the floor. Next, be sure that your back is elevated so your entire body transforms into an arch where you can bend and steady yourself. Finally, lift your legs off the chair or platform gently while your head, arms, and legs are pointed to the floor. Once you lift your legs and hips into the air, maintain this position for about thirty seconds.

It takes some practice and you might fall a few times, but keep trying and you’ll get it right. The reason handstands are so important for your shoulders is because they will carry the bulk of your weight. However, it is an advanced technique so those that are trying it for the first time can lower the angle at which they raise themselves to achieve easier balance.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a type of elastic cord that will allow you to perform outward rotations. They are light and affordable yet when used properly are just as effective as weights. To use them, allow your arms to fall by your sides and then bend your elbows in front. Wrap the band around both your hands and then beginning with your left hand; pull it four to twelve inches away. Repeat this process ten to fifteen times to exercise your exterior shoulder muscles. Then continue the process using the right hand. When performing this exercise on one hand, be sure that the other is perfectly still.

Resistance bands come in many varieties, so you’ll want to choose one which is well suited to your natural strength and flexibility. For beginners, start with the easy bands and then gradually work your way up to the harder ones. These bands should also be used to perform inward rotations, which you can perform by wrapping the band around the doorknob of a door that is closed.

Now stand facing parallel to that door. Take the band in one arm to your side and stretch your elbow ninety degrees away. Pull your band from its door until the elbow is pressed to your stomach. Repeat this action ten to fifteen times before switching to the other hand. The distance from your door will determine the difficulty. Your exterior bicep should tighten as you do this; if not stand further away.


Pull Ups

This is another exercise that is perfect for the shoulders and is the opposite of pushups. Whereas pushups involve lowering your upper body down to the floor and then pushing it upward, with pull ups you will pull your body up and then lower it. To do this you will need a stable bar or rod that can hold your weight.

Some people use trees with low sturdy branches they can reach, while others purchase a pull up rod and then install it at home. This exercise will build some serious muscles in your shoulders and upper body. If using a pull up rod, follow the instructions of the manufacturer and install it in a durable door entrance near the top. Grab the rod with your hands past your shoulder length then pull yourself up steadily until your chin touches the bar. Repeat this process five to ten times while your hands are pointed away and then do it again with the palms facing you.

Pull-ups should be considered an advanced exercise and can be very difficult to perform if you’ve never done them before or it has been a long time since you last did them. You’ll need to start slowly and perform an amount that is reasonable. It is also crucial to make sure the weight, tree, or bar you’re using is stable and can support your weight; otherwise, you could fall and hurt yourself.


Shoulder Circles

This is a simple exercise that has proven to be highly effective. To do it, stand up and stretch out your arms in the opposite directions. Now keep them parallel to your floor and perform clockwise circles or rotations for thirty to sixty seconds. Then you will want to reverse direction and do the rotations counterclockwise for the same length of time.

The reason shoulder circles are so effective is that the circulation motion stretches and tones the deltoids. When using the shoulder muscles you will enhance blood circulation in that area. To get the most out of it, shoulder circles must be done until the shoulders start to feel sore; this means you’re doing it right.

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How to strengthen shoulders without weights at home

Frontal Shoulder Raise Using Towel


This technique is similar to the resistance bands, but you’ll use a towel instead. Take the towel and hold it at opposite ends. Be sure that it is stretched the length of your shoulders then hold it in front. While doing this, your feet should be kept apart and your knees should be slightly bent. Now pull the towel hard from both sides simultaneously, with as much strength as you can muster.

Hold it for a few seconds, then release and lower your arms slowly before raising them up again and repeating the process. Be sure to inhale and exhale while lowering and raising your arms. This exercise is simple yet extremely effective and only requires an object that most people have in their bathrooms.


Reverse Chair Plank

This is a more advanced shoulder technique that requires two chairs. Take the chairs and position them next to each other facing in an identical direction. The space between them should be shoulder length. This allows you to then sit between them to place your upper arms on the seats. This means that your triceps should be touching the chair seats at a ninety degree angle while your forearms should be pointed upward.

Once you’re in this position, begin stretching your legs to the front. This forces your shoulders and arms to carry the weight of your hips and body. Try to keep your legs as straight and still as possible, and then maintain this position for about ten to twenty seconds before lowering your legs and repeating the process.


Frontal Bear Crawl down the Steps

This exercise requires you to get down on all fours and move like a bear. To make the exercise even more challenging you will want to use steps or stairs. Put both hands on the initial step while keeping your feet and legs spread behind you with the butt raised. Now move one of your hands down to the next step while your feet remain in sync with the hand movement.

Next, move your second hand down with your other foot in sync with that movement. Take it to step by step, and you will slowly descend the steps like an animal. Of course, you can also perform the bear crawl in reverse, where you will ascend the steps in the same manner. Regardless of which direction you go in, you will begin in an identical stance.

This exercise may seem a little unusual, but it will challenge your shoulders and greatly strengthen them if done on a regular basis. It will also increase the strength of your legs, but it is critically important to be careful because if you make a mistake you could fall down the stairs and injure yourself. This exercise takes regular practice to master and can be awkward when attempting for the first time.


Shoulder Press Using Door Frame

For this technique, all you need is your body and a door frame. Stand in the middle of the door and lift your arms above your head so that they touch the horizontal top portion of its frame. Now all you need to do is push against the frame hard and maintain this tension for about fifteen to twenty seconds, then release the hold and lower your arms. Rest for about three seconds, and then start the process again.

Another variation of this technique is called the anterior stretch, and to do it you will stand just outside your door frame. Extend your arms to the elbows and bend them up at a ninety degree angle. Now press your hands, forearms, and elbows against both sides of the frame. Lean forward as you do this so you’ll incorporate every muscle in your shoulder.


How to Strengthen Week Shoulders without Weights at Home?

If your shoulders have been weakened due to an injury, you will want to speak with your doctor to be sure it is okay to resume these strength exercises. If you’re given the green light, one simple exercise that you can perform without weights is to sit in a chair with your back straight up against it, then gently lift your arm away from your body and keep it at the shoulder level for about five to ten seconds before switching to the other. Some people like to take this exercise further by holding a water bottle or book to slightly increase the weight.

Should shrugs can be used to loosen your rotator cuff. To do them, stand straight up and lift your shoulders slowly without shifting your chest. Then lower your shoulders slowly to a standing position and then repeat the process. This should be done ten to fifteen times. If the exercise seems too easy, holding an object can make it more challenging. Although simple to perform, it is outstanding for those that want to alleviate shoulder joint pain and should be practiced daily to improve shoulder flexibility.

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