Are you sick of exercising while experiencing joint pain? Or maybe you’re a gym owner wanting to upgrade your facility with the most recent fitness technology. If one of these situations rings a bell, you may want to think about using the AlterG Treadmill, often known as the anti-gravity treadmill.

Alter G Anti Gravity Treadmill

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We’ll examine the features and advantages of this ground-breaking piece of machinery in our evaluation to help you decide whether it’s the best match for you or your company. Let’s investigate more to determine whether the Anti Gravity Treadmill may assist you in reaching your fitness objectives while minimizing the strain on your joints.

The AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill is a unique system for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports performance that allows for weight-supported walking, running, and closed kinetic-chain exercises.

The NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, which is patented and used in the AlterG® Anti Gravity Treadmill, allows for exact air calibration depending on the user’s real body weight, revolutionizing rehabilitation, and training.

It uses a pressurized air chamber to equally lower gravitational load and body weight in exact 1% increments. This improves and builds muscular strength, range of motion, balance, function, and fitness. No other unweighting system provides as much comfort, precision, and accuracy.


Clinicians can now incorporate the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ system into their physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports performance practices, and offer their clients a unique and effective way to improve their gait and balance.

This technology provides superior weight-supported walking, running, and closed kinetic-chain exercises that are not possible with hydrotherapy or harnesses.


Patients can benefit greatly from using the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ system. It allows them to experience a level of freedom they may not have thought possible, regardless of whether they are recovering from orthopedic injury or surgery, managing a neurological condition, chronic disease, or obesity.


Athletes who want to rehab faster, train while protecting or recovering from an injury or surgery, or increase their training volume while minimizing stress-related injuries can benefit greatly from the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ technology. This system is a cornerstone in the training rooms of professional sports teams, Olympic training centers, and sports science facilities around the world.

Top Features

  • The user’s body weight support can be precisely adjusted thanks to patented Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, which also enables them to move about freely without the use of harnesses or water.
  • Its intuitive UI makes it simple to customize the exercise and measure progress, including time, pace, distance, and calories burnt.
  • A roomy, comfortable treadmill surface with side handrails promotes natural movement and aids users in keeping good posture while exercising.
  • Running, walking, and closed-kinetic-chain workouts like squats and lunges may all be done on the Alter G Anti Gravity Treadmill.

Major Benefits

  • Gives patients and athletes a safe and low-impact option to exercise while recuperating from an operation or an accident, managing chronic diseases, or raising sports performance.
  • Precise control of body weight support is possible, which is advantageous for those who have trouble carrying their own weight or maintaining their balance.
  • Enables patients and athletes to continue through their rehabilitation or training program at a comfortable rate by gradually increasing their workload.
  • Increases balance and gait, which may increase total functional mobility and lower the chance of falling.
  • Provides athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a flexible and effective training tool to increase their strength, endurance, and speed.

3rd Party Ratings 

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“The Alter G Anti Gravity Treadmill is the ideal option if you’re seeking a secure and efficient approach to rehabilitate from an injury, manage a chronic disease, or enhance your sports performance.”

“Controlling your rehabilitation or training program has never been simpler thanks to its proprietary technology and user-friendly interface. Hence, don’t put it off any longer; schedule a session on an Alter G anti-gravity treadmill right now and discover the advantages for yourself!”

How anti-gravity treadmill is different?

This type of modified treadmill known as an anti-gravity treadmill employs air pressure to lessen the effects of gravity on the user’s body as they run or walk on it.

The anti-gravity treadmill is designed to lessen the impact of weight-bearing on the user’s joints and lower limbs, which may be particularly beneficial for those who are recuperating from an accident, undergoing surgery, or dealing with chronic discomfort. Physical therapy and rehabilitation are other uses for the anti-gravity treadmill.

The anti-gravity treadmill’s technology works by sealing off a space around the user’s lower body and then filling it with air. The user may run or walk with less discomfort and impact by adjusting the air pressure to lessen the weight-bearing effect.

Why choose the Anti Gravity Treadmill?

An anti-gravity treadmill may be chosen for a variety of reasons. First off, it may be a great aid in physical therapy and rehabilitation after an operation or accident. The user may start to regain their strength and endurance by lessening the force of gravity without placing too much stress on their body.

Second, athletes wishing to boost their training volume without placing too much strain on their bodies may find the zero-gravity treadmill to be helpful. The user may be able to raise their mileage or training intensity thanks to the lessened impact without running the danger of becoming hurt or overtraining.

Finally, persons with arthritis or chronic pain may find the anti-gravity treadmill to be beneficial. The user may exercise with less pain and suffering by minimizing the weight-bearing impact, which can encourage them to remain active and preserve their general health.


  • May be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation after an operation or injury.
  • Increases exercise volume without running the danger of injury or overtraining.
  • May be beneficial for those who have arthritis or chronic pain.
  • Provide a low-impact, arthritis-friendly exercise.
  • May be modified to suit the individual demands and degree of fitness of the user.


  • The cost of a zero-gravity treadmill might be exorbitant for certain individuals.
  • They could be large and occupy a lot of room.

More Exciting Features

Adjustable body weight support

This indicates that the user has the option of deciding how much body weight to support when using the anti-gravity treadmill. The Alter G treadmill is a great tool for training, physical treatment, and rehabilitation since it can lower the user’s body weight by up to 80%.

How does it function?

The Alter G anti-gravity treadmill creates a sealed chamber around the user’s lower body using a novel air pressure mechanism. The user’s joints and lower limbs may then experience less weight bearing by adjusting the air pressure.

Special shorts that are connected to the device and worn by the user provide a snug fit around the waist. The user may then start running or walking on the zero gravity treadmill by choosing their preferred body weight support level.

More Benefits

The Alter G anti gravity  treadmill consists of an adjustable body weight support function that offers a number of advantages, including:

  • less stress on joints and lower limbs, which makes it a great tool for physical treatment and rehabilitation.
  • increases exercise volume without running the danger of injury or overtraining.
  • maybe beneficial for those who have arthritis or chronic pain.
  • provide a low-impact, arthritis-friendly exercise.
  • maybe modified to suit the individual demands and degree of fitness of the user.
  • The right usage of the device may need training or help due to its complexity.
  • The cardiovascular advantages of running or walking without support may not be as great for the user.

Real-Time Gait Analysis:

In other words, the device can evaluate how the user is running or walking and provide them feedback to help them become better at it.


A camera system on the Alter G treadmill records video of the user’s running or walking style. The computer then analyzes the video in order to find areas that might want improvement. The device gives the user immediate feedback, such as suggestions for bettering their posture or foot strike.


The Alter G treadmill’s real-time gait analysis function offers a number of advantages, including:

  • reduces the chance of injury and enhances performance by assisting the user in improving their running or walking technique.
  • provide rapid feedback, enabling the user to make changes while working out.
  • may be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation to aid a user in regaining appropriate gait patterns after an operation or accident.

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Perfect arrived quickly and is exactly as described. 5/5 stars.

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I have received the goods safely. It was a wonderful deal. Thank you very much.

Works great!! This was my second one purchased, both are complete and functional. battleworn, but that just adds character.

Item was as described, no issues, would buy from the seller again! Thanks!

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Best Alternatives 

Woodway Curve treadmill

Woodway Curve Treadmill

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This treadmill is a substitute for the Alter G machine. A non-motorized treadmill, the Woodway Curve is propelled by the user’s movement. 

It makes use of a curved running surface that replicates the natural action of running in order to lessen the strain on joints and lower limbs.

For those seeking a low-impact exercise that nevertheless has cardiovascular advantages, the Woodway Curve might be a fantastic choice.

WaterRower Treadmill

WaterRower Treadmill

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The WaterRower is another treadmill option besides the Alter G. A full-body exercise is offered by the WaterRower.

For those who have joint problems or injuries, it is an excellent alternative since it is low-impact and gentle on the joints. 

The WaterRower is a great tool for increasing strength, burning calories, and cardiovascular fitness. Moreover, it offers a distinct and fun exercise environment that may support users in maintaining motivation and interest in their fitness regimen.


I recently bought an AlterG treadmill and I must say that it has been a great help to my workouts. It’s a way to take your regular running to the next level with its anti-gravity technology that reduces body weight, allowing you to run more efficiently yet comfortably. It helps me stay motivated and engaged as it provides me with accurate feedback on my progress as I go along. 

Plus, I’m using my regular running route but with significantly less impact on my joints, which is a great bonus. Overall, I’m very happy with this equipment and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay active and improve their endurance. It’s definitely wise to invest in such a piece of equipment if you are serious about running. 

So if you’re looking to take your running experience to the next level, the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill is definitely the way to go!