NordicTrack treadmills are some of the most popular on the market. A NordicTrack treadmill can be just what you need to lose that extra weight and get into shape. For those who want to work out at home and love to run, then you are going to want to look at some of the best Nordictrack treadmills that are available.

There are so many that you will need to check out and it can be confusing, but that is when our comprehensive guide comes into play. This can help you to be aware of the factors that you are going to want to look at as well as some benefits that you can get and much more. Keep reading on to find out more about some of the best Nordictrack treadmills you can buy so that you can continue working out at home.

Nordictrack TreadmillsBrandExpert RatingsCheck Price
Nordictrack Commercial 1750 18100Nordictrack Commercial 1750 18100 Check Price
Nordictrack Commercial 2450Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Check Price
Nordictrack Commercial 2950Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Check Price

Best Nordictrack TreadmillsNordictrack t 6.5s Treadmill Check Price
Nordictrack t 6.5s TreadmillNordictrack c990 Check Price

Nordictrack c700Nordictrack c700 Check Price
Nordictrack z 1300i TreadmillNordictrack z 1300i Treadmill Check Price
Best Nordictrack TreadmillsNordictrack c950i Check Price
Best Nordictrack TreadmillsNordictrack x22i Check Price
Best Nordictrack TreadmillsNordictrack x11i Check Price

10 Best Nordictrack Treadmills

You would want to make sure that you know what the best Nordictrack treadmills models are so that you can what the one that would fit your needs. Here are just 10 of the top ones that you should be checking out when you are looking to buy, including:

1) Nordictrack Commercial 1750 18100

 Nordictrack Commercial 1750 18100

One of the best Nordictrack treadmills that you should definitely check out if you are in the market is the Nordictrack commercial 1750. You can get this with different display sizes, including 10, 14, and 22 inches based on your needs and how much you want to be shown on your screen. It comes with a 1-year iFit subscription, which the Nordictrack commercial 1750will stream directly to the display so you can get the workout that you need and deserve.

The frame has a 10-year warranty while the parts have a 2-year warranty and labor is 1 year. You can easily adjust the speed and the incline level on the Nordictrack commercial 1750, which makes it ideal for beginners or expert runners of all levels.

  • The display screen is interactive
  • Can have workouts streamed to the machine
  • Keeps track of all statistics
  • Heavy

2) Nordictrack Commercial 2450

Nordictrack Commercial 2450

Another great option that you can try when you need to get your run on is the Nordictrack commercial 2450and this lets you change the incline to any angle that you want to make it easier or harder to run. There are plenty of options that would allow you to pick the speed that you want the Nordictrack commercial 2450to to operate at, which means you can also choose the terrain that you want.

This is perfect if you want something that you can use daily without it taking up a lot of space since you can easily fold the Nordictrack commercial 2450up and put it in a corner. The screen is interactive so you can easily stream maps or even workouts on this machine to get a bit of extra challenge.

  • Easily folded up and stored anywhere
  • Wide variety of training options
  • 300-pound weight limit
  • Extremely heavy and can be hard to move

3) Nordictrack Commercial 2950

Nordictrack Commercial 2950

If you have a few people in your family that like to run, then the Nordictrack commercial 2950is going to be ideal since you can create 5 unique profiles. This model lets you choose between the sizes of the displays, which can be 10, 14 or 22 inches depending on how hard or easy it is for you to see. This can easily change the incline while you are running or walking on the Nordictrack commercial 2950to be customized to your own needs and preferences.

This model has a 300 pound capacity, which means it can be used for nearly everyone at home easily. The Nordictrack commercial 2950is easy to store and you can push it to the side when it isn’t in use.

  • Personal trainer sessions available
  • Affordable
  • Easy to program
  • Easy to move and store

4) Nordictrack t 6.5s Treadmill

Best Nordictrack Treadmills

If you aren’t planning on storing the exercise equipment that you use, then the Nordictrack t 6.5s treadmill is one to look at since it can’t be folded up. You will be able to create 5 profiles for exercising, which is perfect for a large family or friends who are sharing the machine. You can easily change the incline with a few pushes of a button on the Nordictrack t 6.5s treadmill as well as the speed.

When you are looking for something that will be affordable, easy to use and high quality, then the Nordictrack t 6.5s treadmill is definitely something to check out.

  • Easy to use
  • Can easily adjust the incline and speed levels
  • Can’t be folded up and stored

5) Nordictrack c990

Nordictrack t 6.5s Treadmill

Another great model that you need to check out is the Nordictrack c990and this can be used for anyone who weighs under 300 pounds. The machine uses EasyLift Assist to allow you to easily put it away when it isn’t in use without needing to stress your back or lift more than is needed. The Nordictrack c990 has cushioning using the FlexSelect that will make running on this machine easier on your joints.

Make sure that if you are searching for a good option that you are comparing the Nordictrack c990to the other models to see which one fits your needs the best and this is popular with everyone.

  • A huge array of options for training
  • Ability to make profiles for 5 people
  • Can be folded up easily
  • Can’t be stored in small spaces

6) Nordictrack c700

Nordictrack c700

For those who want a bigger screen, it is important that you look at the Nordictrack c700to see if it would fit your needs. This one also has 3 various sizes in terms of displays that you can use for your daily workouts with a private trainer or through streaming. The iFit trainer, if you use it, will automatically adjust the incline and the speed based on the current workout that you are doing on the Nordictrack c700.

If you want something that will be easy to use, simple to fold up and then store away, then the Nordictrack c700is one that you love. Everyone who purchased this model has loved it and recommended it to others.

  • Easy to program your unique exercise profiles
  • Can be stored away in a small location
  • Customized workouts and automatic adjustments
  • Expensive

7) Nordictrack z 1300i Treadmill

Nordictrack z 1300i Treadmill

For those who want to read or watch something on their tablet while they are working out, then the Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill would be the perfect option. This one is also going to be ideal for those who are over 300 pounds since it has a 350-pound capacity, which is one of the highest ones in this brand.

However, the Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill is also going to make you more motivated to run since you can get personalized workouts through iFit and other options. If you want something that you can place in your home gym that will get you running and feeling better, then the Nordictrack z 1300i treadmill is the way to go.

  • Easy to customize your own workouts
  • Higher weight limit at 350 pounds
  • Expensive

8) Nordictrack c950i

Best Nordictrack Treadmills

For those who don’t have a large budget the Nordictrack c950iis going to be the most affordable option that you can purchase. This also allows for users up to 350 pounds to comfortably use the machine without worrying about anything. The belt is the highest quality and you can easily use this to change up the speed or the incline without slipping.

The Nordictrack c950i is great for beginners or even those who are interested in running different scenarios without leaving their homes. The Nordictrack c950i uses the EasyLift Assist system to make it simpler for you to fold up the machine and get it out of the way.

  • Simple to fold up
  • Can handle 350 pounds
  • Extremely affordable
  • The display area is a bit cramped
  • Requires a lot of assemblies

9) Nordictrack x22i

Best Nordictrack Treadmills

If money isn’t a factor for you, then the Nordictrack x22iis definitely one for you to check out. This one can only hold 300 pounds and you can easily change your incline to a not steep level to higher based on your current levels. This machine also works with iFit, which makes this option a good one if you are looking for a way to keep yourself focused.

The Nordictrack x22i is also small in size when folded up, which means you don’t have to worry about it taking up the entire room. Go ahead and check out the Nordictrack x22i if you want something that will have plenty of programs built-in so you can test yourself.

  • The motor is extremely powerful
  • The track is wider than other models
  • Larger touch screen for easier viewing
  • Highly expensive
  • Warranty isn’t as long as others

10) Nordictrack x11i

Best Nordictrack Treadmills

If you don’t want to do just the normal workouts, but want something different, then you are going to want to check out the Nordictrack x11i, which is a commercial machine. This one allows you to not only run and walk on it, but if you just position your body differently it will also be used as a sled for pushing.

This makes the Nordictrack x11i extremely unique and something that all gym owners or even home exercise experts would love to purchase. The incline and speeds can easily be changed by just a few pushes of the buttons on the Nordictrack x11iand this is definitely something for those who love a challenge.

  • Relatively affordable for a commercial machine
  • 4 unique profiles for users
  • Ability to use this as a sled
  • Very expensive
  • iFit subscription not included

Go ahead and make sure that you are checking out some of the best Nordictrack treadmills so that you can be sure that you are getting the right machine for all of your needs. It is vital that you know what each of these models can offer you, so make sure to do your research.

Benefits of Buying the Best Nordictrack Treadmill

There are numerous benefits that one should know about when you are buying the best Nordictrack treadmills for your home or even for the gym. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Ability to customize your workouts – You might not know how to customize your workouts, but if you are going with a streaming system and getting help, then it will be much easier for you. There are some options that will make the changes automatically to the machine so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Workout subscription – Also, the majority of the models from this brand would have a subscription to iFit that would help you with your workouts. You don’t have to worry about knowing what to do since there will be videos that will get you ready and let you know what you should be doing.
  • Working out at home – You don’t even have to leave your home these days for anything since you can purchase a machine and workout at home. This is vital since you want to be able to keep yourself healthy, but still, workout when you have the time and you don’t have to get a gym membership.
  • Saves money – If you were thinking about getting a gym membership you should reconsider that and check out buying one of these machines. This will save you money since you can use them whenever you want and you don’t have to worry about paying for the membership and not going.
  • Easy to use – These machines are also going to be extremely easy to use and that means you can enjoy exercising and losing weight without a lot of eyes on you. You just need to set up your subscription and have the machine assembled and then you can get started running, walking or even trekking based on your needs.
  • Always free – When you go to the gym the machine that you most often use might not always be free, which is why if you have one at home you don’t have to worry. Also, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your profile and workouts will still be in the system since nobody else is using it so it can’t be deleted.

Ensure that you are considering these benefits when ti comes to deciding which of the many models you are going to purchase. The more you know about the advantages in advance, then the easier it will be for you to make the right decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Norditrack Treadmills

Nordictrack commercial 1750will

Another things that you are going to want to think about when you are looking at the best Nordictrack treadmills are the factors and criteria that you need to look at. Some of these includes:

  • Size – The first thing that you need to consider is the size of the machine and how much available space you have in your home. If you don’t have enough space to keep the machine in using all of the time, then you need to figure out where you can store it while you are not using it.
  • Storage capability – You also must consider how easy it will be for you to fold up the machine and move it somewhere else. Think about if you can push it into a corner nearby or if there is a closet where you would store it when you aren’t using it. This is something that you need to think about before you buy anything since you want to know where you are going to keep it.
  • Weight limitations – Also, you need to know just how much the weight limitation is going to be on each of the machines. The majority of these machines has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, but there are a few that have a 350 capacity. Make sure that you are figuring out which is which and which one you need.
  • Price – You also need to have a budget set aside for this and you should know just how much you want to spend. If you know how much you are willing to spend, then you can start to look at the machines in that price range and determine which is the best Nordictrack treadmills for your needs.
  • Screen size – Another thing to consider is the size of the display panel that you would have and if you have a tablet or book holder. This is going to make working out easier, so make sure that you have whatever you need without having to squint at the screen.
  • Warranty – Make sure that you are figuring out just what the warranty will be covering and how long it is. There are some models that would have a longer warranty for the frame while the labor and parts would be a shorter period, so make sure that you are aware of what is what.
  • iFit subscription – The final factor that you are going to want to think about is whether or not you are going to get a free iFit subscription. There are some models that will offer you a 1-year subscription free with the purchase, so make sure to think about that. You also want to calculate how much you are going to have to pay for it after it ends if you want to keep using it.

These are just a few of the top factors and criteria that you must always consider when you are making a big purchase, especially if you want it to last a long time or have a longer warranty.


Make sure that you are aware of all of the top questions that are asked about the best Nordictrack treadmills so that you can know the answers. Some of these questions includes:

  • Will these machines work without having an iFit subscription?

You might think that because the models all, for the most part, offer free subscriptions to iFit for 1 year that they don’t work without it. However, that isn’t the truth since you can manually choose the levels, including incline and speed for your workouts.

  • Can I workout with friends while using these machines?

If you want to workout with your friends, then you are going to have to see if any of the models allow for that. Ensure that you are looking to see if they have a feature that would let you race against others help motivate you.

  • Do you need any special equipment to use these machines?

These days there are so many pieces of exercise equipment that need special workout gear. However, when you use these machines you don’t need to have anything besides running shoes or sneakers to get started. Make sure that you have sneakers that are comfortable and that you have already broken in before you start running.

  • How do I choose the right incline and speed?

If you are just starting out you are going to want to start out with the lowest levels for both the speed and the incline. After a while you will find yourself getting used to those and then you can slowly increase them over time, but unless you are an experienced runner don’t start out at the higher levels.

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Final Thoughts

There is a lot that you are going to have to think about when you are not only looking at the best Nordictrack treadmills, but trying to decide what one you want to buy. You should think about the price, the incline, subscription availability and much more so that you can make the right choice. It is important that you are checking out these 10 models and seeing which one would suit your needs, which includes the size and even your budget, so make sure to do your research in advance.