A bumper plate is a weight plate that is made with either recycled or virgin rubber. Mostly, they feature two-inch stainless-steel inserts in the middle so that you will be able to use them with various types of barbells.

Getting a good bumper plate for a home gym can either break or make your experience. Though it is not as essential as obtaining the correct barbell, the right bumper plate plays a very important role in your daily training. Read Here: 10 Best Core Strengthening Exercises For Seniors

In the actual fact, obtaining the correct set of the plate is only a matter of determining how much you need as well as how much you can afford. Today, there are lots of bumper plates in the market. With the in mind, choosing the best bumper plates for the home gym can be very confusing and challenging.

If you are looking forward to getting the best bumper plates that you can comfortably and safely use from the comfort of your own home, then keep on reading. Read Here: 12 Home Gym Essentials On A Budget

In this article, we will help you with your acquisition by giving some tips on how you can find the best one. Not only that, but we will also include the things that you need to consider when making an acquisition and other relevant information. So, without further ado, let’s begin this guide by revealing some of the top reasons why you should invest in bumper plates.

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Why Choose Bumper Plates?

  • Flexible

One common reason why you should choose a bumper plate is that it offers future workout flexibility. Even though you do not see yourself doing workouts or at a fitness level that athletes usually achieve, you should still consider investing in bumper plates.

  • Safer

The rubber construction of bumper plates will allow a loaded bar to be safely dropped without risk of damage by the lifters themselves, to the plates, floors, platform, and bar. Meaning to say, you will not be stressed out about what will happen to your foundation and if they will crack or chip on impacts whether by accidents or not.

  • Quieter

If you are working out with steel, for sure you are aware of how fast a gym may sound like construction sites. No matter how gentle or smooth you are, a steel plate can make a loud noise. Whereas bumper plates do not crash like cymbals in marching bands.

  • Weight Accuracy

Keep in mind that bumper plates are not completely made of rubber. As a matter of fact, they come with either iron or stainless-steel inserts inside and covered with rubber. This makes the process of manufacturing more accurate compared to iron plates.

  • Lift Heavier Weights

Since bumper plates are safer to work with, they will allow you to lift heavier weights without breaking your floor once you have dropped the bar.

  • Durable

Durability is another reason why you should choose bumper plates. Rubber in case you didn’t know has impressive durability. What’s more, it only needs little to no maintenance.

Bumper plates, on the other hand, can be also utilized outdoors or in a humid environment. They will not even deteriorate, unlike their iron counterparts that rust very rapidly.

  • You will be able to perform a lot of exercises

With bumper plates, you will be able to do a lot of exercises that you can add to your workout routine such as:

  • Overhead lunge
  • Bench
  • Squat
  • Thruster
  • Deadlift
  • Jerk and clean
  • Snatch

How to Choose the Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym

Are you ready to throw some weights from the comfort of your own home and can’t decide which bumper plates should you get? If so, here are the most important things and tips that you need to consider when buying bumper plates.

best bumper plates

Keys to Choosing the Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym

Here are some of the tips that you need to take into account when choosing the best bumper plates for home gym.

Determine the Right Weight that You Need

This is actually a question of what you going to be doing with your bumper plates or barbell, how long they are going to last, and how strong you are.

Since you will be able to add more anytime, we highly recommend that you start with relatively more weight than you currently need. And since you are buying for a home gym, it really makes sense to add more weight to your collection as the days go by, instead of dropping on bumper plates you will never lift.

If you are progressing consistently, one of the best solutions that you can do is purchase weights you will need in a year from now. By doing this, you can rest assured that you will have a surplus without wasting a considerable amount of money on bumper plates that you can never use.

If you are just starting out, a bumper plate set of 5kg, 10g, 15kg, and 20kg is enough. Later on, you can purchase a pair of 25-kilogram bumper plates.

Check the center’s ring quality

Another factor that you need to consider is the ring found in the middle. Make sure not to buy a bumper that has a poor-quality ring since it will not last a considerable amount of time. When choosing, the middle ring should be integrated into the bumper plate properly in order to stop it from becoming loose.

Choose the right type of rubber

Bumper plates of high quality are usually made with either crumb rubber, virgin rubber, and recycled rubber. All of these types of rubbers can be a great option. However, since you are buying plates for your gym at home, we highly recommend that you choose recycled rubber bumper plates because they are more affordable, but they are not as durable as virgin rubber. But if you are willing to spend more, then you can always opt for virgin rubber plates. These plates have a slimmer profile and a lesser bounce.

Choose the right type of Bumper Plate

Here are the three different types of bumper plates where you can choose from.

1) Entry-Level Bumper Plate

It is the most basic type of plate. The entry-level bumper plate is designed in a simple yet durable rubber construction that has a stainless-steel insert in the middle. What’s more, it is less expensive compare to other types of bumper plates.

2) Training Bumper Plate

A training bumper plate has a larger middle hub that is mostly in two pieces secured together. Unlike entry-level bumper plates, they much denser, as a result, they have a much lower bounce rate. The high-density rubber, as well as larger middle hub, makes this type much safer and more stable.

Also, try will give a snug fit on the bars. When it comes to size, training bumper plates are usually thinner that will allow you to add additional weight to the bar. But they are more expensive compared to an entry-level plate.

3) Competition Bumper Plate

Much like the training bumper plates, competition bumper plates also have highly dense rubber and a large center hub. However, the main difference between these two plates is that a competition bumper plate is certified by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) whereas the training plate is not. Competition plates, on the other hand, can offer great performance and mostly come in a sleek and stylish look. Also, they are more expensive compared to the training bumpers.

Tips for Maintaining Your Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are a huge investment, and despite the fact that they are built to last for a couple of years, you still need to maintain them. Bumper plates may arrive at your door with a layer of oil. This will protect them during transport and storage. The good thing about rubber is that it does not need much maintenance especially if you are using the bumper plates indoor.

This will protect the underlying steel from moisture; Thus, rusting should not be a major problem unless excessive moisture has time to breach through the rubber material.   Clean your bumper plates using water and soap. In fact, this is enough to remove the dirt. As a piece of advice, don’t use harsh cleaners. Gentle spray cleaners may be alright. However, you may be initiating long-term damage that will not notice for a couple of months.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym

best bumper plates


Literally, a bumper plate is made and designed to be dropped from overhead. In fact, these products need to be constructed to last with a durable finish and material.

A poor material choice and quality build for bumper plates will definitely make the difference between low-quality and high-quality. This means replacing bumper plates that should not be a concern. Always remember that the best quality plate is the one that will last for decades.

Bumper plats that do not have a durable construction is a waste of time unless your main goal is to save money. But if you want to buy a bumper plate every year, an affordable unit can be a great option.


When it comes to bumper plates, thinner models are the best options. As a matter of fact, you can easily fit them on the barbell. Low density as well as lower-quality rubber bumper plates without stainless steel trade of their very low-price tag for a real logistical issue placing weights on a barbell.

Thinner plates, on the other hand, either contain steel plates for weight or constructed using higher density materials. However, such bumper plates are relatively costlier.


Another factor that you need to consider when buying bumper plates is the price. Spending on an inexpensive product is not always a good idea most especially if you want to get a bumper plate that will last for a decade.

However, if you have decided to spend a considerable amount of money make sure that you are getting the best value. Check if the product is made from high-quality materials. What’s more, if you spend a lot of money, you should also check the warranty period. The longer the warranty the better.


Both the composition as well as the material of the bumper plates will make a big difference. As a matter of fact, this will affect everything from the overall performance and durability to the price and how the plates bounce. A lower-density rubber is one of the most common materials for lower-quality bumper plates that offer thicker plates with worse durability but at lower costs.

 The best bumper plates for the home gym, on the other hand, are built using a plastic or high-density rubber that has a stainless-steel insert in order to the weight consistent and at the same time, calibrated. The good thing is that you can easily notice the difference in these bumper plates. In fact, they do usually make a difference in the product’s overall quality and feel.

Bumper plates with a stainless-steel insert that has a hard finish and a rubberized inner are one of the best options. Such bumper plates provide amazing bounce and durability, but they are more expensive.


Another factor that you need to consider is the design of the bumper plates. When choosing, think through the feel as well as look at what you’re trying to make.


When you are utilizing bumper plates, it is actually normal to slam or drops them. Choosing bumper plates for a home gym that has little to no bounce after dropping are actually the best options. The good thing is that most of the products we will be reviewing below have low and at the same time dead bounce.

Recommended Budget for Bumper Plates for Home Gym

When buying bumper plates for your gym at home, perhaps you wondering how much you should invest. In the actual fact, there is no exact answer to this question. However, if you want to end up with high-quality as well as durable bumper plates, you should be willing hundreds of dollars. But if you are on a budget consider looking for models that are currently on sale or have discounts. As a piece of advice, make sure to check the plate’s quality to determine if you are getting the best value for your money.

5 Best Bumper Plates for Home Gym Reviews

Comparison of Bumper Plates for Home Gym

Product Name Color Insert Rubber Price
REP Fitness Bumper Plates Black Stainless Steel Virgin Rubber Check on Amazon
IRON Company Bumper Plates Black Stainless Steel Recycled Rubber Check on Amazon
ADER Olympic Bumper Plates Color-Coded Stainless Steel Recycled and Virgin Rubber Check on Amazon
OneFitWonder Contrast Bumper Plate Color-Coded Text (IWF color-coding system) Hooked steel Virgin Rubber Check on Amazon
OneFitWonder Color Bumper Plate Colored (blue, yellow, green, grey, and black) Stainless Steel Virgin Rubber Check on Amazon

1) REP Fitness Bumper Plates

REP Fitness Bumper Plates are specially designed for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, CrossFit exercises, and Olympic weight lifting. This one of the best bumper plates for home gym comes with stainless steel inserts that allow them to resist impact without making any damage. What’s more, they are made from high-quality virgin rubber.

This product can be purchased in pairs, meaning to say, you can use them with a barbell. In fact, they also come with a two-inch sleeve that will fit on standard Olympic barbells comfortably.

Another good thing about these bumper plates is that the 10lbs and 15lbs are backed with a one-year warranty, whereas the 25lbs, 35lbs, and 45lbs come with a three-year warranty for home use. For you to take advantage of the decent warranty, you need to follow the requirements provided by the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • Low bounce
  • Durable
  • Certified for home use
  • Great warranty period
  • High performance
  • Superior design
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2) IRON Company Bumper Plates

These best bumper plates for the home gym are manufactured in the USA using an indestructible vulcanized recycled rubber. There is also a two-inch stainless-steel insert.

IRON Company bumper plates, on the other hand, are durable enough to endure the punishment of forceful daily usage be on your own gym at home, university sports training centers, Olympic training centers, or CrossFit boxes.

Furthermore, this product is guaranteed for 12 months after you acquired it.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel inserts
  • Recycled Rubber
  • One-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Versatile
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3) ADER Olympic Bumper Plates

Our best bumper plates for home gym reviews will not be completed without mentioning the ADER Olympic Bumper Plates. Unlike the previous two bumper plates, this product is made using a combination of recycled as well as virgin rubber. That being said, you are certain that the bumper plates are gentle on your floor and odorless.

These 260-pound bumper plates can be utilized like a sandwich type. For example, you can place the 15lbs and 10lbs in the center so that they can be protected. It also comes with a free rack where you can store the bumper plates easily and conveniently.

Last but not least, the ADER Olympic Bumper Plates are available in various colors such as red (45 pounds), blue (35 pounds), yellow (25 pounds), black (15 pounds), and green (10 pounds).

Key Features

  • Recycled and virgin rubber
  • Odorless
  • Available in different colors for easy identification
  • Free rack
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4) OneFitWonder Contrast Bumper Plate (250 pounds set)

OneFitWonder Contrast Bumper Plate for home gym

This 250-pound bumper plate set from OneFitWonder comes with two pairs of 45-pound plates and a pair of 10 and 25 pounds. These plates are constructed using solid and dense rubber that have hooked steel inserts to guarantee durability. What’s more, they will fit all barbells as long as they two-inch sleeves.

OneFitWonder Contrast Bumper Plates are made to give off low to no odor, it means they will not stink on your home gym. Further, they are designed to be dropped safely from head to toe without damaging the platform, flooring, or bar. As a matter of fact, its rubber material makes for a dead bounce making them safer to use in tight places.

With these bumper plates, you will be able to perform deadlifts, squats, and Olympic lifts confidently and safely. Finally, they are covered with a one-year warranty with free returns.

Key Features

  • Great design
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Low odor
  • High caliber
  • One-year warranty
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5) OneFitWonder Color Bumper Plate

These best bumper plates for home gym are expertly made using virgin rubber with higher density. In fact, these are thinner bumper plates meaning to say, you will be able to fit more weight on the bar.

In addition to that, these plates have dead as well as low bounce making them safe to use even on tight spaces. Much like the other bumper plates in this list, they also come with stainless steel inserts that will remain firmly seated. This 260-pound bumper plate set includes two 10 pounds (grey), two 15 pounds (black), two 25 pounds (green), two 35 pounds (yellow), and two 45 pounds (blue).

Key Features

  • Low and dead bounce
  • 260-pound bumper plate set
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Stainless steel inserts
  • Virgin rubber
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So, there you have it our buying guide as well as the best bumper plates for home gym | reviews currently available in the market. With the details provided above, you will be able to find the best bumper plates that will suit your needs and budget.

In case you didn’t know, weightlifters, as well as athletes, choose bumper plates due to their reduced impact when hitting the ground. In fact, this will make them easier on your flooring and much quieter. Another great thing about bumper plates is that they have a low weight tolerance. As a matter of fact, you will not be able to find a huge difference in like you do in its iron counterparts.

Nonetheless, when making an acquisition always check the specifications and features of the bumper plate no matter what the brand is. We hope that you found this article helpful. Also, don’t forget to share it with your family or friends who are also looking for the best bumper plates for the home gym.

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