In this article, we will list the best performing squat racks in the market. First of all, there is no standardized classification on what it is we are talking about when we speak of squat racks. The consensus is that a squat rack is a versatile gym equipment that should be the centerpiece of any home gym. The squat racks on this list will consist of the standard squat rack, the one with two legs connected that have adjustable levels for your weights and the squat cage, a cage looking gym equipment that is more durable and safer and allows the user to add on more equipment for a wider range of training exercises that are not limited to squats. For the serious gym buffs out there and athletes, you know just how demanding a squat can be and if done poorly, how dangerous. The squat rack may look rudimentary and basic for regular folks, but it requires the most out of a person: concentration, strength, power, endurance, and mental alertness. Squats are no joke, and they are one of the most effective weight and strength exercises out there.


Let us start with the most popular and trusted brands out there. Some brands may not be a part of the top 10 on this current list, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compete with the best brands out there.


They are not a novice in the health and fitness department. For over 25 years, this company has provided a lot of exercise equipment for a lot of people. Their portfolio range from machines that are suitable for both home and gym use. According to their website, they provide over 1000 products in over 30 categories that include but are not limited to weight training equipment, strength equipment, storage racks, medicine balls, and exercise mats. 

Fitness Reality

Real People. Real Results. That’s their company’s motto. Relatively new to the game, Fitness Reality has grown and become one of the front runners in the industry. They design their equipment with people from all walks of life in mind. They cater to stay at home moms as well as the best athletes you can think of. This all American company is one of the best out there. They ensure quality with every purchase.


They create products that range from office supplies to exercise machines. Merax exercise equipment are under the umbrella of Merax Active. Since 1995, it’s founding, the Merax company has provided quality products for the modern man. They aim to make life more efficient, well suited for the day to day needs of modern and hard-working individuals. Under Merax Active their products vary from spinning bikes, treadmills, and vibration machines.

Top 5 Squat Racks

The best squat racks on this list were chosen with several criteria in mind: safety, durability, functionality, and buildability. Safety was the primary concern for this. Squat exercises that involve weight are not to be taken lightly, pun intended. They require the most strength and power on a person. So the equipment that you use must assure the highest level of safety for its user. Durability begs the question, how long can you use it? Is the rack strong enough to accompany you as you progress in your training? For how long will you be able to use it effectively? Next is function. The squat rack should be able to keep up with your training needs ranging from a beginner to a pro. Buildability pertains to the capacity of the equipment to stand additional accessories. It should accommodate additional equipment and tools for a wider range of weight training exercises.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

The Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Cage has an insane 800lb weight capacity. The cage itself is made of 2×2 inch of tubular steel that ensures durability and safety for the weight trainers out there. This equipment is designed to be spacious, giving the user a wider range of movement during training sessions. It also comes with a 23-inch dual-mounted chrome safety bars and three and a half inches of dual lock-on chrome safety bars that are adjustable to 19 levels for the user’s comfort. Not only that, but this cage is also equipped as well with multi-position pull up bars and chin-up bars giving you more variety for your work out. The adjustable safety bars on this bad boy are compatible with 7′ Olympic bars and a maximum user height of 6’4. Fitness Reality also recommends that you can use the 810XLT power cage with their weight bench and pull down attachment and j hooks, among other things to complete your cage set up as you become more advanced in your power weight training.

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Vanswe Power Rack Power Cage

Coming in hot, the Vanswe Power Rack Power Cage has a fantastic weight capacity of over 1000lbs. Yup, that’s right over 1000lbs. Awesome. This power cage is constructed with 2×2 inch of rectangular steel; it’s as solid and as durable as they come. The bar supports on this cage allows the user to adjust them in 21 variable positions for the user’s unique comfort and needs. The height settings go as low as 17.5″ to 68″ inches. When you purchase this, it comes with a few accessories of its own that allow the user for more varieties of training. It includes two dip handles that are spaced 24″ inches apart. Another accessory included is the adaptor sleeve that can work with 2″ inch Olympic plates and it also comes with two adjustable clips. Two ready to use bar catchers are also included in the package that can be adjusted to 17.5″ to 68″ inches per your preference and safety. It also includes the standard add ons such as two safety bars and a pull up/chin-up bar that are easier to grip for a better training experience. It’s also equipped with rubber feet for stability and safety.

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HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack

The HulkFit squat rack is one of the more space-saving squat rack types in the market. Don’t be fooled, though; it didn’t skimp on any of its features at all. This squat rack is as safe as they come. Its H-shape heavy-duty square steel base and the frame is explicitly designed this way for the rack’s stability and safety. The pull-up bar can be mounted in a height that is comfortable for the user. The HulkFit squat rack’s maximum weight capacity is at 500lbs. This comes with attached j hooks for immediate use after assembly and weight hooks as well. The j hook holders are adjustable at different heights. The pegs for the hooks are numbered for the user’s convenience. You can do as much barbell squat as you want with the HulkFit Multi-Function Power Rack.

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Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

Not new to the fitness game, Valor Fitness offers BD-7 power as one of its best equipment in the training arena. The BD-7 is a behemoth in all aspects. The BD-7 is constructed with a 2×2, 12 gauge heavy-duty steel frame with rubber caps on each foot for stability and safety as well as the assurance of a scratch-free floor. The built-in straight pull-up bar has a knurled design for the user’s easier grip in upper body training. The unit comes with four adjustable bar catchers for you to rack and unrack your bar. It’s a great area to practice your bench presses and squats. The BD-7 also comes with 4 storage pegs so the user can easily organize their weight plates so you don’t have to lay them on the floor and avoid tripping on them accidentally. And in the interest of safety the bar supports on the side have 27 adjustable settings depending on your needs, just in case you can’t complete a lift the bar supports are there to make sure you avoid any injuries. The best part of the BD-7 is the lat pull-down station at the rear of the cage. You can use the 38″ lat pull bar at the top to perform pull-down exercises and do curl exercises with the pull-down bar at the bottom. If you have a weight bench, the lat bar will come in handy for you as well. 

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F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack Cage Stand System

Not only will you be able to do squat exercises, but the F2C Multipurpose Squat Rack will also allow you to perform presses, curls, shrugs, rows, and so much more. With durability, safety, and strength in mind, this rack is designed with an H-shaped frame using a high-quality special steel pipe. This rack supports a maximum weight of up to 550lbs, giving the user enough weight option for a more advanced power training. It has heights adjustable from 11.6″ to 75.4″ allowing you to choose the optimal height for your chosen training for the perfect form and safety. J hooks are included in the package and can be adjusted to any height of your preference.

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Notable Competitors

Be sure to check out the following products as well. They may not be on the numbered list, but they perform just as well. They give you all the basic functions you need in a squat rack, and some may even surprise you with their additional features. The brands that manufacture them also sell other models of squat racks that may suit you better, so don’t underestimate the following products.

Ollieroo Multi-function Barbell Rack

This Multi-Function Barbell Rack from Ollieroo is perfect for home use. It’s easy to assemble, plus it doesn’t take up as much space as squat rack cages, too. The maximum weight capacity of this rack is 480lbs, which is more than enough for daily use at home. You can easily slide in a weight bench to give yourself a more varied training exercise. You can use this rack for presses, bench exercises, squat exercises, and standing weight exercises as well. The whole frame of this rack is made of carbon steel, making it durable. It’s also rust treated so corrosion will not be a problem at all. Each foot of this rack has a rubberized cap to ensure stability during your training and a scoff free floor as well. The Ollieroo Multi-function Barbell Rack is budget and home-friendly.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Power and Squat Rack

Compact as it may be, the Sunny Fitness Squat Rack is perfect for athletes who wish to continue their training at the comfort of their own home. Capable of withstanding up to 550lbs of weight, this squat rack is perfect for your weight training needs. The pull-up bar on this rack is designed with a knurled grip for your safety during more demanding, sweatier reps. It also has 11″ weight plate posts for you to store your Olympic plates and easily organize them. More than that, Sunny Fitness also included 16″ spotter arms for more advanced and heavier weight training without worrying about injury. The rack also has J hooks that can hold up to 880lbs of your weights and weightlifting bars. It also has 30 different height notches that you can adjust for your preference. At the bottom part of the rack, you can use the swivel landmine post and the exercise band attachment posts for more dynamic and progressive exercises. You should never equate compact with less functionality. 

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REP FITNESS PR-1100 Power Rack

The PR-1100 is not joking when it says it’s heavy-duty. It includes multi-grip pull up bars. The pull-up bars have two different sizes for different grip strengths. These bars themselves can hold 400lbs of weight. If you purchase the attachments as well, you can store your plates and weights. How much? One ton of weights can be easily stored in this rack. One ton is 2000lbs of weight. There’s also rear weight storage that can store 2 of your barbells upright. Up your gains with this rack.

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Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack Olympic Squat Cage

The professional-looking Merax Squat Cage is one of the best out there. The pull-up bar stands at the height of 85″. The rack itself is made of 2×2 sturdy gauge and four solid steel chrome adjustable weight bar supports. The adjustable bar support has 21 different heights ranging from 17.5″ to 68″. It has extended safety bars for safer weight training. If you opt to buy the additional attachments such as the lat pull up bar and weight bench, you’ll be in weight training heaven. Train like you’ve never trained before with this amazing squat rack.

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TDS 1000 lb. Rated Power Rack

Composed of 2×2 steel tubing, as the name suggests, the TDS Power Rack can hold a max weight of 1000lbs. It has a knurled pull up bar for a better and safer grip. The package includes j hooks and safety bars for effective and injury-free training. All adjustment holes are numbered for easier identification. You can locate two storage racks at the back of the frame to safely store your weights. You can also purchase additional attachments to take advantage of all the features of this squat rack.

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Advantages of Using a Squat Rack

Don’t get me wrong exercising equipment free is great, too. However, if you use a squat rack, you can do exercises that would not be possible without it. Be aware though, especially if you’re just starting out with weight training, form is everything. Improper form can injure you and can cause a lot of long term damage to your body if done poorly. If you do the squat training properly, you will see significant improvement in your targeted muscle group when it comes to muscle tone, strength, and endurance. 

Targeted Exercises

When you use a squat rack, there are a lot of weight exercises, you can do much more safely and effectively. Your lower body will thank you if you use a squat rack. Primitive as it may look, a barbell on the shoulder while squatting is the best way to have a successful leg day. Build and strengthen different muscle groups on your legs and glutes using a squat rack. You can also carry heavier weights than normal with the effective use of the safety bars in a squat rack.

Improve Core Strength

Squat exercises are more than just building your glutes and quad muscles. Believe it or not, it helps train your core too. With the proper form and technique, squat exercises will carry over to your full-body strength. It helps build the strength of your lower back and your core. Exercising for aesthetic is one thing, but a strong body that performs well and functions optimally are the main goal of weight exercises.

Mental Strength

Squats are not as simple as you think; they are highly demanding. Imagine carrying a barbell over your shoulder while simultaneously squatting. It’s pretty intense. If you require a squat rack to perform your squats, it means you are at a more advanced and intense phase of your training. At that level, it demands a higher level of focus and presence of mind on your part. Not to mention the physical demand it takes out of you. You need to maintain the best form at all times to avoid injury. For this you need focus, determination, and clear goal-setting. All of which asks you to exert yourself mentally and physically.


At this level of training, every factor in your training comes into play when it comes to the effectiveness of your exercises. More than that, the more intense the set, the higher the risk it has when it comes to contracting injury. So you need all the help you can get to ensure that not only are your exercises effective, they should be safe, too. If you don’t have the opportunity to train with a professional, a squat rack will help ease your mind when it comes to concerns of injury. In no way does a squat rack replaces a trainer or a spotter. Still, at least it would provide another layer of safety net for you to carry out your weight exercises.


Weight and strength exercises are very demanding for beginners and athletes alike. It asks a lot of determination and endurance on your part. When you use a squat rack it takes a little bit of weight off your shoulders so you can focus more of your attention on executing the proper form consistently over the course of your sets and reps. Squat racks provide you a one-stop-shop of sorts when it comes to a wide range of training. With just one equipment, you can build and train different muscle groups in your body more effectively and safely. You can even store compatible weights and barbells on the squat rack itself. It’s effective, convenient, and practical. Whether you choose a standard squat rack or a power cage, considering its wide range of functions, the squat rack won’t take up too much of the space in your home or at the gym. You can easily slide in weight benches, and lat pull-down equipment into the frame itself to build on the functionality of your squat rack. Research a bit more on all the various exercises you can do with a squat rack, and I’m sure you will find a new one you have never tried before. The squat rack provides you options and choices for all kinds of intense exercises, and that’s something that you can’t put a price on.


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