A treadmill is a great machine for weight loss. There are many people that are unhappy with their weight. Obesity is a recurring issue in today’s society. Many of us think of a treadmill to achieve weight loss. 

Many of us would like to know how to lose weight on a treadmill in a month. This is a great thought but there are many ways to lose weight using a treadmill. The treadmill is a very good tool to lose weight. 

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Losing Weight in a Month

how to lose weight on a treadmill in a month

Before I begin talking about how to lose weight, note that Mayo Clinic recommends that a person should lose no more than two pounds in a week. There is a safety risk to losing weight at a faster rate. 

That being said, there are some extenuating circumstances. Some could be directed by a doctor, consulting a doctor before attempting to lose weight quickly is a very good decision. It is also a known fact that some athletes such as wrestlers and weight lifters have to cut weight within stringent time constraints. 

Drinking water is a necessity when using the treadmill. (Especially during strenuous sessions) While it will make the weight on the scale seem a bit more than it should be, it will keep your body healthy and promote weight loss. 


A balanced diet can optimize weight loss on a treadmill. 3500 calories equate to about one pound. To begin this process, a person must understand how many calories they eat in a day. 

Let’s say that a person is a big eater and eats 10,000 calories in a day, if they cut down to 6500, they will have lost a pound. This is greatly enhanced with a treadmill. 

Using the calorie counter while running or walking on a treadmill is often inaccurate, using an online treadmill calorie counter will better serve the person losing weight. Combining this with tracking food intake calories will enhance weight loss. 



Ensure that you warm up before you run. A few low-key bodyweight squats along with some calf raises are a good start. Walking lunges, frankensteins and other active stretches are good as well. This will help to prevent injury. 

After running, it is good to stretch out again, static stretches can be good after a run. It will increase flexibility. Note that stretching can lead to injury so a bit of stretching research may help. Listen to your body! 




An effective way to use a treadmill to lose weight is the HIIT method. (High-Intensity Interval Training) This method uses intervals (typically bursts of speed) to burn fat. This method involves sprinting for a short amount of time and jogging for another (slightly longer) amount of time. 

A good interval split would be 30 seconds of sprinting followed by 60 seconds of rest. Repeating this 10-15 times would be a good place to start. This is a very generalized workout so an individual may want to slightly tweak the times and reps to achieve optimal results. 

Another way to efficiently lose weight on the treadmill is to reach the optimal fat-burning heart rate. This is typically 70% of a person’s maximum heart rate. The maximum heart rate could be found by taking 220 minus the age of the person. A 25-year-old usually has a maximum heart rate of 195.  While 70% will usually be the target zone for burning fat, people still vary. Tweaking numbers can be effective like mentioned in the HIIT method. If it is still difficult to find that sweet spot, a personal trainer can typically find the optimally fat-burning zone for you. 

Adding hills to a workout is another way to use that treadmill to lose weight. Some treadmills have programs that will simulate hills. Others have to be operated manually but they are still effective in achieving this concept. 

Incorporating bodyweight exercises along with your treadmill routine is extremely helpful. Try varying the HIIT method by sprinting for 30 seconds and doing bodyweight squats in between. Other good exercises to do in between sets are push-ups, burpees, mountain-climbers, and other bodyweight exercises. 

Running is not for everybody, walking is another way to lose weight on the treadmill. While this is not as effective as running for our monthly goal, it can help your mental state. Sometimes taking a day to just walk for an hour or so instead of running can be very beneficial.  While breaks are good, running will ultimately burn more calories than walking. 

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I have presented a variety of ways to lose weight (in a month) on the treadmill, now it is time to bring them all together. Sticking to one method can prove to be ineffective. Try mixing up what you do during the week. 

 An example of this would be to do the traditional HIIT program on Monday, jog at 70% heart rate on Tuesday, utilize the hill method on Wednesday, and do the HIIT method that incorporates body-weight exercises on Thursday. Friday could be a good day to walk for those who need somewhat of a break. 

 To lose weight in a month, hitting the treadmill on the weekend is a necessity. A way to make it more enjoyable is to pick two of your favorite workouts and complete them rather than re-starting the routine. Casual runs could also be good especially for weekends. Mixing up what day you do which exercises is a good idea as well. 

Jogging for an extended amount of time on the treadmill can be very beneficial. If you typically go for 20 minutes on “casual runs” try to get 30. Expanding your threshold will burn more calories and get you in better shape. 

 Consistency is very important. No matter how you structure your workouts, be consistent. This is especially important when trying to lose weight in only a month. 

Working in a muscle conditioning workout is another way to incorporate working out into treadmill workouts. A great way to lose a great amount of weight in a month would be to run on the treadmill before and after doing a high-rep workout. (Some muscle could be gained which would add to your weight) 

To increase weight loss, using the treadmill multiple times a day can be effective. This being stated, do not overexert yourself because that can result in injury. Listen to your body!


Mental Strength

A huge factor to effectively losing weight on the treadmill is motivation. Many people set out on a weight loss journey and lose motivation. This is an even bigger factor in losing weight with the treadmill in a month. 

One way to find motivation is to run with a friend. Find a friend that will want to use the treadmill often. The friend may be depending on you to lose weight. This will ensure that both of you use the treadmill often. 

Another way to find motivation is to buy a gym membership. Going to use a treadmill at a gym can be beneficial in multiple ways. Gyms typically have good treadmills. Another benefit is the fact that it is a waste of money to never use a gym membership. 

You can also make new friends at the gym to motivate you. If you don’t go that day, you may receive a text or phone call encouraging you to return. 

Personal trainers can also help to lose weight on a treadmill. They are extremely motivated and money once again involves money. Once again, stay consistent, this is a huge factor in weight loss. 

Goals and Tips

Setting personal goals is a great way to increase weight loss. If going on a casual run or walk, setting a distance or time goal is a very effective method. Keep track of the progress you make on the treadmill. Don’t get discouraged if they aren’t great, the more you use the treadmill, the closer you get to your goals. 

Running at specific times can also help. Developing a good routine leads to consistency. As we know, consistency leads to more weight loss in a month. For some of us that have issues with motivation and consistency, (most of us have been there) a distraction can be useful. Just remember to stay safe while doing this.

Pay attention to the treadmill still! Music is an effective way for some people. If doing a particularly intense workout, music with a high bpm rate is typically effective. Another distraction method is watching TV. (Stay safe!) A TV show can seemingly speed up a treadmill session. It can also provide some positive motivation to get on the treadmill. 

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Final Aspects

It is certainly possible to lose weight on the treadmill. Losing weight in only a month may seem daunting, but these methods are effective and will improve your time on the treadmill.  Always remember to stay safe and drink healthy amounts of water. Remember to be safe during stretches as well! Keep consistent and results will