According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the obesity rate as almost tripled worldwide since the year 1975. Similarly, in a survey that was carried out in 2017, close to 2 billion people living are obese, more of whom are adults above 18 years of age. Apart from that, recent findings in medicine have shown that the fatter you are, the lesser your likelihood of surviving a major surgery.

These factors and the current trend of slim models in the advertising industry have increased the search for the key to losing weight. Maybe you are reading this article and thinking to yourself that you too need to lose weight. Well, for what it’s worth, you sure need to lose weight, and regardless of what people may have told you, you can achieve it.

The Extent some has gone 

In a bid to lose weight, some have gone to greater, even extreme lengths in their quest to reduce their body size. Some have even starved themselves, thinking that the less they eat, the more they will lose weight. They end up harming their body in the process.

Many buy unverified and chemically harmful substances in the name of slimming tea, hoping to lose weight, but these too have never helped them achieve their aim. 

The Good News

The good news is that there are certain foods that will naturally help you lose weight. Regardless of what you may have been told, you can eat these foods, refrain from starving yourself, and still end up reducing your body size in a matter of weeks.

In this article, you will find satisfying answers to your one-in-a-million question: what are the foods that will help me naturally lose weight?

Let us take a look at some of them.

  • Eggs- back in the days, egg have been revered in the dietary department as a food high in cholesterol, their type of cholesterol is not that bad that it will increase the weight of a person. In fact, they have been found to be one of the foods you need to include in your diet if you wish to reduce your weight. They have been found to be very rich in protein, which the body actually needs. A Survey showed that those who eat eggs as part of their breakfast have an increased feeling of been satisfied and this may prevent making them less hungry over a 36 hour period. They are nutrient-dense and can suppress appetite; hence they can help you lose weight.


  • Greens– Green vegetables like spinach, kale and several others are the next set of food you need to include in your diet if you really want to lose weight. They have little or no calories and carbohydrates, while they are very rich in dietary fiber. One reason many people get overweight is that they eat more than they should at each sitting. But including leaf greens in your meals will increase the quantity of food you eat without advertently increasing the number of calories that you are consuming. Apart from that, they contain other nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins that are naturally known to burn fat.


  • Best Food to Lose Weight

    Butter Cooked Fish

    Fish- Even though many people enjoy eating meat, it can really increase their chances of getting obese. Fish are a great source of protein, very delicious and satisfying as well. You eat more and get fewer calories, isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? The fats present in fishes like salmon are healthy and it is also sacked with a whole lot of nutrients. Something about fishes and other seafood is that they are very rich in iodine, which has been researched to induce a faster metabolic rate. This means when you eat fish, you are more likely to burn out the calories you’ve taken faster than usual. Fishes are also rich in omega 3 fats which can help to reduce inflammation, a well-known causative agent for obesity and other diseases associated with metabolism.


  • Chicken Breast and Lean meat- that you are trying to lose weight does not mean that you will have to do away with meat entirely. Even though meat has been suspected to cause some health problems (claims that have no scientific backings), the fact remains that only processed meat is harmful to the human body and thus contributes to obesity. On the other hand, meat is very high in dietary protein, which suggests that it is one of the foods that can help you lose weight. Since it is high in protein, it can actually help you burn up to 100 calories daily. The more unprocessed or lean meat you eat, the less craving you will have for snacking right after a meal, which in itself is a plus for you in your struggle to reduce your body weight.


  • Potatoes– Potatoes contain a whole lot of nutrients that can really be beneficial to the body. They are rich in potassium, a nutrient that plays a major role in the management of optimal blood pressure. The more boiled potatoes you eat, the less your craving for a number of hours after the meal. This is because you naturally feel full right after eating potatoes. It also is rich in resistant starch, which encourages weight loss. So if you are thinking of foods that can help you reduce weight, consider adding boiled potatoes to your meal.


  • Beans/Legumes- This list will never be complete without mentioning one of the best foods for reducing weight- Beans. Some of these other legumes include kidney beans, lentils, and black beans. These groups of food are highly rich in dietary fibers and proteins, two nutrients that can really satisfy you after eating. This means after eating beans, you are less likely to get hungry anytime soon. That makes it ideal if you are trying to lose weight.

They also contain resistant starch in moderation, which can really help you if you so desire to lose weight.

As we have seen, losing weight while not starving oneself is very much possible. All you have to do s choose from these classes of food that have been discussed.

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