Schwinn has established a nice reputation as one of the premium player in the exercycle industry over the past decade. The bran became the household name in the outdoor bike industry and now even takes charge of the best indoor fitness bike models in the market today. So, when people want the best, they may start with the Schwinn brand.

However, which Schwinn indoor bikes are the best? Well, in terms of the best Schwinn upright bikes, there is a battle between the Schwinn 130 and Schwinn 170. Both of the bikes represent a nice value for your money while also offering good features, with construction and a console that looks exactly similar. read here: Smith Machine vs Squat Rack vs Power Rack

But, being different models, they have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, to find the right one for you here is an in-depth comparison of the Schwinn’s upright bike bestsellers— Schwinn 130 vs 170 Upright Bike.



The Schwinn 130 is not exactly a high-end workout machine like the 170 and may even lag behind some market leaders. Still, this is a nice upright bike for beginners looking for affordability and reliability without the confusing list of features that they may not use, yet.



Dimensions 41.3 x 21.4 x 55.6 inches
Product Weight 70 pounds
Maximum User Weight 136 kg (300 pounds)
Maximum User Height 6’1”
Display DualTrack 2 LCD Screen
Resistance Levels 20
Resistance Type Magnetic
Exercise Programs 22
Heart Rate Sensor Yes
Speakers Yes
Bluetooth No
Warranty Labor: 90 Days / Electronics: 1 year / Parts: 2 years / Frame: 10 Years


Schwinn 130 vs 170 Upright Bike

Dual-Tracking + Performance Monitoring

Thanks to the Schwinn’s innovative dual track monitoring system, this upright bike allows you to read from your Kindle, or watch your favorite movies on your iPad, while also monitoring diagnostics from your workout.

In addition, the bright LCD display monitor of this upright bike allows you to view the results of 13 key exercising parameters which include calories burned, heart rate, RPM, distance, speed, and time.

You also get to have a constant check on your pulse with the integrated heart rate monitor on the bike’s handle so you can keep an eye on your heart rate as you work out. This should allow you to stay within the optimal fat-burning zone throughout the workout.


20 Level Resistance + Intensity Adjustments

The Schwinn 130 offers you 20 levels of the Eddy Current magnetic resistance. This should be able to provide you with a jerk-free and smooth riding experience, particularly as you adjust between resistance levels. Most competitor upright bikes tend to stutter while you change between resistance levels. However, you are guaranteed not to experience it with the Schwinn 130.

Now, with the 20 resistance levels, you have enough varieties to suit your workout needs. Or even the preference of every member of your family. Not only that, but the machine also allows you to increase intensity in order to give you a progressive workout over time. Put it shortly, as you get fitter and gain strength, you simply need to move to the next level. And this upright bike can support that.


Variety of Training Programs

In addition to the resistance levels, this upright workout bike also offers you 22 exercise programs to choose from. This should give you a whole lot of diversity in your training options.

The Schwinn 130 offers you 8 heart rate programs and 9 profiles along with the Quick-start options as well as 2 customized workouts. Such programs will definitely provide you an in-built source of variation and motivation.


Multiple Profiles + Workout Analysis

Speaking of the profile, the Schwinn 130 can store workout data for 2 individuals. This should allow you to keep your training stats for later analysis. Using the Schwinn Connect Technology, you can effortlessly sync your training data to the Schwinn Connect website.

Schwinn has partnered with reputable rate app myfitnesspal so you even get more functionality. With this, you can sync your training as well as nutritional data to your myfitnesspal account. There, you can track and analyze them in detail as well as sharing your goals with family and friends.


Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

The Schwinn 130 features a padded contoured seat for a comfortable ride, even if you’ve been riding it for hours. Also, the set post allows or quick and easy seat exchange if you wish to custom fit your seat. Plus, the seat can be adjusted down and up to find the ideal position.

Meanwhile, the angled handlebars can be adjusted easily to your liking. There’s also a 3-speed fan that keeps you cool during your intense workouts. When you need to hydrate, you’ll also like the oversized water bottle holder on its sides.

To make your workout fun and enjoyable, the sealed acoustic chamber speakers will allow you to enjoy your favorite motivational music without wearing headphones. There’s also a USB charging port so you can recharge your mobile devices as you workout or use it to save your workout data via a UB thumb drive. Lastly, if you ever need to move this upright bike from one room to another, you’ll find the transport wheels allows for convenient portability.


Sturdy Construction and Backup

Schwinn ensures that the 130 will be your cardio partner for years to come. This bike feels and looks solid with the heavy-duty steel frame. In fact, the upright bike can handle a maximum user weight of up to 300 pounds. In terms of safety, there is the oversized crossbar tubing construction for added stability as you work out.

For peace of mind, Schwinn backs up the 130 upright bikes with an impressive 10-year warranty on the frames. Also, there is a 2-year guarantee for the mechanics, a 1-year warranty to the electrical and a 90-day labor guarantee.

Schwinn 130 Weaknesses and Drawbacks


Limited Personalization

In terms of flexibility, the Schwinn 130 only allows you to adjust the seat down and up. Thus, you can’t adjust it forward and back, providing limited flexibility, particularly for people who are shorter or taller than the norm. The problem here would be that it can put you in a compromising and awkward upper body position.


Limited Pedal Size

The pedals of the Schwinn 130 are slightly small. Thus, they make it difficult for individuals with larger feet in order to maintain a firm and secure grip. You might risk your feet slipping as you pedal at full speed and may cause injury.


Limited Crank Power

The one-piece crank system of the Schwinn 130 also delivers limited pedaling power. Not only that, but the crank system also does not provide much freedom of movement. This is especially true for people with larger feet, since they may have difficulty in pedaling without knocking their feet on the crank arm.

Schwinn 170: The Beefier And Upgraded Version

As you might probably imagine, the Schwinn 170 is the all-new, upgraded upright workout bike from the Schwinn table. This model offers a whole host of updated innovative features that make exercising on a bike experience, unlike anything that you have had before.


Schwinn 170 Specifications

Dimensions 41.3 x 21.4 x 55.6 inches
Product Weight 74 pounds
Maximum User Weight 136 kg (300 pounds)
Maximum User Height 6’1”
Display DualTrack 2 Blue Backlit LCD Screen
Resistance Levels 25
Resistance Type Magnetic
Exercise Programs 29
Heart Rate Sensor Yes
Speakers Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Warranty Labor: 90 Days / Electronics: 1 year / Parts: 2 years / Frame: 10 Years

Schwinn 170 Features and Strengths

Schwinn 130 vs 170 Upright Bike

Multi-Tasking Display

The 170 comes with 2 displays. One of them offers statistics about your workout including the speed of movements, calories burned, distance covered and time traveled. Meanwhile, the other read-out offers you details and data on how far along the program you’re progressing. Both displays are bright and easily visible with the blue backlit lighting system.

Not only that, but you’re also able to set up your own user profile on display. This should help track your progress from one workout to another, creating a profile for your personal progress as you get fitter weekly. Also, you are able to upload those workouts using a USB thumb drive.


More Resistance And Programs

The Schwinn 170 offers you a whopping total of 25 resistance levels. Furthermore, changes between the resistance levels are also incredibly smooth thanks to the Eddy Current resistance magnets.

Meanwhile, the high-inertia perimeter weighted flywheel offers you a smooth workout experience that perfectly replicates what you might experience when riding outdoors. In addition to the good number of resistance levels, the Schwinn 170 also offers a good amount of selection of workout programs. With this machine, you get a total of 29 workout varieties.

This includes 9 heart rate control workouts, 2 fitness tests, 4 user-defined programs, and a recovery test. Within these options, individual exercises are provided for advanced, intermediate, and beginner trainers.


Technology Integration

The Schwinn integrated tech allows you to sync your workout data to the website of Schwinn. It is also partnered and synced with the top-rated app called myfitnesspal.

In addition, the Schwinn 170 boasts Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to share your workout data to popular fitness apps like Apple Health, GoogleFit, and the Schwinn Trainer App. The Schwinn 170 also features the integrated heart rate sensors on the handle that allow you to get a quick look at whether you’re in the optimal fat-burning zone.

There’s also the USB port that allows you to use it as a charging station for your electronic devices or for uploading and downloading workout statistics and data.


Enhanced Comfort

The Schwinn 170 features extra-large pedals as well as a large, thick, and countered padded seat. The problems that were noted y users in the previous Schwinn models have already been addressed, including the pedals that were set too far back and not enough foot width.

Meanwhile, the bike’s speakers allow you to train to the beat of your favorite music. Fitted with sealed acoustic chambers, you can hear the perfect sound without having to wear your headphones. These can be connected to your mobile devices.

Further, it still has a 3-speed fan that will keep you cool during your intense workout. That and the oversized water bottle holder can give you a comfortable and convenient workout experience than ever.


Sturdy Build and Good Backup

The Schwinn 170 features a sleek and stylish look, complete with the black matte with red accents finish. The materials used to build it are all high quality. With its premium-grade sturdy frames, you can expect this upright bike to serve you for years to come. It offers you maximum stability, durability and can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight.

Schwinn 170 Weaknesses and Drawbacks

Difficult Assembly

Despite its nice features, the problem with Schwinn 170 is its assembly. In general, it might take at least 2 people to assemble and put the machine together between 30 and 40 minutes.

Poor Manual

A huge factor that causes difficult assembly is the confusing and poor manual that comes with the machine. Its user manual only gives you pictures. And the absence of text means that you will need to visually interpret the manual. That and the picture is not that clear, making it even more difficult.


Schwinn 130 vs Schwinn 170: The Differences

Schwinn 130 vs 170 Upright Bike

After we have dissected the strengths and weaknesses of each machine, it is time to have them stand side-by-side and enumerate the fundamental differences between the two Schwinn models.


0 Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance Levels 25 Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance Levels
2 LCD Screen Main: 3 x 5 inches Secondary: 1 x 5 inches 2 LCD Screen Main: 3 x 5 inches Blue backlit Secondary: 1 x 5 inches Blue backlit
Goal Achievement User Indicator, Intensity Meter, % Complete Indicator, HR Zone Indicator, Profile, Resistance Level, Calories, Speed, Pulse, Distance, RPM, Time Goal Achievement User Indicator, Intensity Meter, % Complete Indicator, HR Zone Indicator, Profile, Resistance Level, Calories, Speed, Pulse, Distance, RPM, Time
Profile: 9 Heart Rate: 8 (4 advanced + 4 beginner) Others: 4 advanced + 4 beginner + Custom Total: 22 Profile: 12 Heart Rate: 9 (4 advanced + 4 beginner + Custom) Others: Quick Start + 2 Fitness Test + 4 Custom + Recovery Test Total: 29
Profile: 9 Heart Rate: 8 (4 advanced + 4 beginner) Others: 4 advanced + 4 beginner + Custom Total: 22 Profile: 12 Heart Rate: 9 (4 advanced + 4 beginner + Custom) Others: Quick Start + 2 Fitness Test + 4 Custom + Recovery Test Total: 29
Grip Grip (telemetric enabled console)
1-piece cranks + standard size pedals with the toe straps 3-piece cranks + oversized pedals with the toe straps
Angle adjustability Angle adjustability / Forearm rest
Padded contoured seat. Vertical seat adjustability. Padded contoured seat. Vertical and horizontal seat adjustability.
$349 $549




Both upright bikes offer you enough training programs. However, the 170 model gives you 7 more workout programs than the 130 models, with the 130 boasting 22 workout programs while the 170 offerings 29 programs.

The 170 model offers you 25 percent more pre-set profile-type programs. Not only that, but it also gives you 9 heart rate control programs as well as a customized program. It also has one more program in each category of fun rides, mountains, and challenges. While both bikes offer you 2 fitness tests, the 170 model provides a fitness test for advanced and beginners as well as a recovery test.


Crank System

The 130 model only features a 1-piece crank system, unlike the 3-piece crank system of the 170. Although the 1-piece is enough to provide you a decent cycling experience, riding on a 3-piece will definitely transform your pedaling experience.

Plus, it will be more natural and offers freedom of movement while also being more durable and a lot stronger. In addition, the 3-piece cranks also help avoid the issue of banging against the crank arm that taller individuals may experience with the 130 models.


Resistance Level

Both Schwinn models offer you plenty of levels of Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance. However, there’s a big difference in the numbers. The 130 model only offers you 20 resistance levels with the 170 having 25 resistance levels. That’s 5 more options for you. However, it does not mean that the 170 model offers you a higher level of top resistance. The main difference is that the increments between the levels of resistance are smaller.


Pulse Monitoring

Both 170 and 130 models offer you basic hand pulse rate monitoring which is a common feature with most workout bikes. However, the accuracy of this system is often questionable and mostly does not work at all.

Still, the 170 models use a non-coded heart rate strap that provides you a more precise level of monitoring. This strap was manufactured by reputable brand Polar making it a big plus to the 170.


User Profiles

The 170 model offers double the profiles that 130 provides. The 170 offers a maximum of 4 profiles compared to the 130’s 2 profiles available. This gives you the ability to monitor and track 4 individual workouts.


Technology + Data Exporting

Both machines are capable of exporting and sharing your fitness data with several fitness apps like myfitnesspal. Both also have USB ports that allow you to insert a USB thumb drive to download or upload fitness data. Or you can just use it to charge your mobile devices. The only difference is that the 170 model features Bluetooth connectivity. This gives you another way to exporting your fitness data for analysis.



Both upright bikes feature a handle angle adjustment for ideal positioning and comfort. However, when it comes to the seat, the 130 model only allows for a vertical adjustment. The 170 model, on the other hand, gives you the ability to move the seat horizontally and vertically.

This additional adjustment of the 170 model means that you can get the ideal positions and better fit for your upper body and legs. When the seat is too close or too far away from the handles, then you’re at risk of improper spine alignment and may cause injuries or pain during a workout.

In addition, both upright bikes offer forearm padding. Both handlebars are covered, however, only the 170 models have an extra layer of padding for your elbows. These help offer more comfort when you wish to lean forward to the handlebars. Also, they help prevent aches and hurt to start on your arms.

Lastly, for pedaling comfort, the 170 models also win with their oversized pedals against the 130’s standard size pedals. The larger pedal size offers you a better and more reliable foothold on the bike as well as makes a good fit for individuals with larger feet.



Both upright bikes are relatively lightweight compared to other bikes out there. However, the 130 is at least 4 pounds lighter than the 170 models. The difference is because of the extra weight of the 3-piece crank system as well as the extra seat adjustability of the 170 models. Still, both machines have rollers at the front, so you can easily move the bike from one place to another.

Schwinn 130 vs 170: The Final Verdict

So, which is better— the older Schwinn 130 or the upgraded Schwinn 170?

The answer?

We go with the Schwinn 170!

While both Schwinn models are great home gym upright bikes, the Schwinn 170 is clearly the winner. For the extra few dollars, the 170 model offers you better levels of comfort, enhanced functionality, and more power.

Also, the 170 model even gives you more options in terms of your heart rate monitoring. Plus, it has double the number of profiles to store on the bike, making it a nice buy for a family of fitness enthusiasts. For these reasons, we firmly believe that the extra cost for the Schwinn 170 is completely warranted. To conclude, the Schwinn 170 is the better buy!