Ab wheels with foot straps are getting more and more popular nowadays. The ab wheel is one of the most versatile and results-producing products on the market. It’s cheap, easy to use, and produces amazing results.  It is compact but effective exercise equipment that can be easily used at home or any other place that is convenient for you. Unlike huge gym equipment, it is a portable skid wheel with an attached handle.

If you are looking for the ab wheels, we have something even better in store for you. In this post, we have reviewed the top three best ab wheels with foot straps. So if you are ready to get that six-pack ab, read on. To give you a better idea, we have also highlighted the pros and cons of each of the products.

Ab WheelsBrandExpert RatingsCheck Price
Lifeline Power Wheel With Foot StrapsLifeline Power Wheel With Foot Straps Check Price
Ringside Power WheeRingside Power Wheel Check Price
GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel - Roller with HandleGoFit Extreme Ab Wheel - Roller with Handles Check Price

Top 3 Best Ab Wheels With Foot Straps Reviews


Lifeline Power Wheel With Foot Straps

Lifeline Power Wheel brings you the best exercise equipment to train your hips, obliques, lower back, and abdominal muscles. With this effective ab wheel, you can increase balance, stamina, coordination, while strengthening your core, lower and upper body. Unlike other ab wheels, you can use this for versatile and intense workout sessions. Due to the compact design and portability, you can both use it at home or the gym.

This ab wheel may look small, but it can help you work up to 20 muscles in your entire body. The revolutionary design of the Lifeline Power Wheel allows you to place your hands, shoulder-width apart. For convenience, it has soft foam grips, which help reduce hand fatigue. Besides that, it has an attached foot strap to keep your feet. This allows for greater body motion and workout versatility.

The foot straps are both secure and adjustable, while the stirrups allow for quick on/off. The unique design of this ab wheel allows for a greater range of motion, which you will not get from other ab rollers. It is because of this feature that this ab wheel is suitable for both moderate and advanced workouts.

This ab wheel is the perfect exercise equipment to use at home. On days, when you don’t feel like going to the gym, you can use this ab wheel to train your core. You can move it in any direction or hold positions to activate stabilizer muscles. This, in turn, will help you to build more strength, improve balance and even reduce the risk of injury. This ab wheel is made of the highest quality materials and is designed for long-lasting use.

  • Helps to train 20 muscles in the body
  • Adjustable foot strap
  • Suitable for versatile workouts
  • Unique design
  • Soft foam grip handles
  • Durable
  • Needs to be assembled

Ringside Power Wheel

Ringside Power Whee

If you are just getting started, you might find the Lifeline Power Wheel a bit difficult to handle as it has just one wheel. In that case, Ringside Power Wheel could be the best option for you. This is a dual ab wheel that is designed to challenge your obliques, abs, back, glutes, and hips. With this compact ab wheel, you can experience an intense core workout at home. 

The ball-bearing axle provides smooth rolling action, for a better workout experience. It has solid tread that helps to keep you on track to reach your fitness goals. Since it has dual wheels, you don’t need to work hard to maintain your balance. However, the dual wheel design makes it difficult for you to spin the wheel side by side. This happens because of the broader track.

The wheels are 12 inches in diameter and are made of quality materials. When buying an ab roller, you wouldn’t want a product that is cheap and easily breakable. With this one, you don’t have to worry about any such thing. The high-quality materials used add to the durability of the wheel. For comfortable use, it has soft foam wrapped handles. Some users claim that the handles are a bit smaller than usual.

Besides that, it has foot straps, so you can experience a more intense workout. However, the foot straps are not adjustable, so that can be an issue for some users. Besides that, it doesn’t have any major cons. This ab wheel with foot straps is suitable for anyone who is on a tight budget.

  • Dual wheel design
  • Foam wrapped handles
  • Affordable price
  • Provides greater stability
  • Suitable for beginners
  • No adjustable foot straps

GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel - Roller with Handles

GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel - Roller with Handle

Lastly, we have GoFit Extreme Ab Wheel. This is the best way to get defined obliques and abs at home. With a premium rubber tire and knobby tread, this makes the best, functional fitness equipment. It can give you a strong, conditioned core outside the gym. At first glance, you will find this ab roller similar to the Lifetime Power Wheel. But both the ab wheels have different wheel’s track. This one has a wider wheel track, which makes it easier to balance.

This ab wheel with foot straps is designed for intense workouts. With the help of this compact fitness tool, you can improve your power, build a strong core, and work on your balance. The unique design of this ab roller challenges your abs, obliques, and your whole lower body. If you want a power-packed core workout at home, then this is for you.

Exercising regularly with this ab wheel will give you visible results. You will soon see the results in your arms, chest, calves, and hamstrings. It comes with attached foot straps and hand grips. For comfort, it has soft-touch rubber handles, while the foot straps are adjustable. The Velcro foot straps provide superior stability and hold. But people with large feet may find the bands short.

This ab wheel is suitable for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. It comes with a manual with a QR Reader App video exercise demo. This is included to help you get started. With the help of this fitness tool, you can work out safely and effectively. Last but not the least, the tires are made of premium quality rubber. This makes the wheel durable and perfect for long-lasting use.

  • Easy to balance
  • Premium rubber wheel
  • Soft rubber handles
  • Adjustable Velcro foot straps
  • Great for a core workout
  • Foot strap may feel smaller for large feet

Best Ab Wheels With Foot Straps Buyers Guide

Finding the best ab wheel can be challenging, but we don’t blame you. With all the different models available out there, it can get difficult for you to choose the right one. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a detailed buying guide. This guide will explain all the important factors that need to be considered when buying an ab wheel.


Ab wheels are of two types, one is a single wheel and the second is a dual wheel. Although both the types of ab wheel have the same purpose, they are different. The single wheel design has just one wheel. The thing about single wheel ab roller is that it is hard to balance. Unless you want to work on your balance, alongside your core, you should opt for the dual wheel design.

A dual wheel ab roller comes with two wheels that are joined together to create a broader track. Although this type of ab wheels is easy to balance, you cannot move them side to side smoothly. This happens because of the broader track. You need to select the type based on your requirements.


The next important consideration is durability. Most ab wheels are made of hard plastic. Whenever buying an ab roller you need to make sure that it is a durable one. The best way to confirm durability is to buy it from a reputable brand.

Buying an ab wheel from a reputable brand means you are getting a quality product. They make use of high-quality materials to manufacture gym equipment. If you want your ab wheel to last for years, then you should get a durable ab wheel from a top-rated company.


Stability is one of the most important features to consider. Since you will be putting your entire body weight onto the wheel, you need stability. A stable ab roller makes it easier for you to work out. Not just that, but it also prevents possible injuries. If you wish to see better results at home, then you should get a stable ab roller.

You must consider your weight and body type before buying an ab wheel. This will help you to find an ab wheel that is most stable for you. Ab rollers with bigger and wider wheels are the most stable options you will find. Even dual wheels, ergonomic handles, and non-slip grips contribute to the stability of the ab wheel. Make sure you check all of these features when buying an ab roller.


When it comes to buying an ab wheel even comfort matters. You would want to buy an ab wheel that makes you feel comfortable because if you are uncomfortable, you won’t be able to work out efficiently. You need to pick an ab wheel that is right for your body.

Look for ab rollers with bigger handles. Not just that, but the handles should also have soft foam padding. The thicker the adding, the more comfortable you will feel to grip it. For someone who has muscular hands should look for thicker and longer handles. The grip is very important for both comfort and safety. This is why you are recommended to look for cushioned grips.

Foot straps or no foot straps?

Not all ab wheels come with foot straps. Ab rollers with foot straps are not only more versatile, but they also allow you to experience intense workout sessions at home. By placing your feet in the foot straps, you can work your lower body.

Talking about foot straps, you should look for the ones that have adjustable foot straps. This will allow you to adjust the strap and prevent your feet from slipping. For people with wider or bigger feet, they should look for ab wheels with bigger foot straps, so that they can fit their feet easily.

So these are the main considerations to keep in mind while buying an ab wheel. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on a cheap ab wheel.

Best Ab Wheels With Foot Straps FAQs

  • What are the benefits of an ab wheel?

Ab wheels or rollers are designed for ab and core workouts. It provides a better ab workout in comparison to traditional flexion exercises. With the help of an ab wheel, you can create stronger and more defined abs.

  • Can you use an ab wheel every day?

If your goal is to get abs, you might be tempted to use an ab wheel every day. But doing so is ineffective as well as inadvisable. It is recommended you train your abs only two or four times a week as part of a total-body strength training routine.

  • Does an ab wheel works on your lower ab?

To work your lower abs, extend far enough, so you can engage the abs. You should focus on bracing the core as you use your hips and abs to pull yourself back to the initial position.

  • Does an ab wheel really work?

An ab wheel is a great way to work the entire upper body. The rolling out movement targets your deltoids and lats, whereas the second half of the movement targets your core, specifically the rectus abdominis.


An effective ab wheel can work wonders for your body. If you don’t feel like hitting the gym every day, an ab wheel can give an intense workout at home. The ab wheels mentioned in this post are equipped with foot straps, which allow for versatility in workouts. If you want to improve your balance, while strengthening your core, we will recommend you to go for Lifeline Power Wheel. But if you just want to focus on your abs, obliques, lower body, then Ringside Power Wheel is a good option for you.